Our Journey: Map your study journey. What were the challenges and achievements?


Our Journey is a set of tools to support students to chart the highs and lows of their study journeys and the important events that happened along the way.

The aim is to produce a simple and accessible structure for students to represent the events that occurred in their study and their experience of these. It is being developed for use by all students and for use across all educational institutions.

A new and improved version 2 of the Our Journey online tool has now been developed and can be accessed at https://ourjourney.ac.uk .

Version 1 can be accessed from the links below and in the menu above.

This site is being updated as project resources are developed. Currently, you can:

The design has been informed by research conducted to understand the challenges faced by disabled students at The Open University, and workshops and discussions with a range of stakeholders across HE.

HEIF Stimulating Knowledge Exchange funding has supported the initial development of these tools. We are now supported by funding from Jisc and LATIS

We have been grateful to received help and input from a wide range of people. Particular thanks to the OU Students Association, the Disabled Students Group and Diversity and Ability for giving their energy and inspiration to support this project.

Three people creating a journey together using the Our Journey cards and poster

Our Journey version 1 is published under an open source GPL 3.0+ licence, and the printable version has a Creative Commons licence. This means that they can both be used and adapted to your projects.

We want to help people to use the tools we are developing and to create new collaborations. Contact us at: ourjourney@open.ac.uk.